Sri Narayan Rajkumar Merchants Limited

The Board of Directors comprises of four Directors as under:-

1. Composition: -As on June 06, 2023 the Board of Directors comprises of following Directors as under: -

S.No. Name of Director Brief Particulars Category
1 Shri V. K. Sureka (DIN:00060160) He is a graduate and an Industrialist. Having over 50 years’ experience in the Steel Industry. He joined the Board. He joined the Board as Promoter director wef 30 th January, 2004 and appointed as honorary Managing Director wef 01 st August, 2005. Managing Director
2 Smt. Veena Aggarwal (DIN:00060415) She is in business having 39 years experience in the field of finance & investment. She joined the Board as director wef 13 th June, 2014. Non-executive
3 Shri Vinayak Sureka (DIN:08913245) He is in business having experience in the field of general management & human recourses. Non-executive
4 Smt. Mansi Sharma (DIN:09433853) Smt. Mansi Sharma is having experience as director of a manufacturing company as well as Non-Executive Director of a Listed company. Non-executive

2. Committees of Board of Directors

3. Company Secretary

Ms. Shweta Agarwal

4. Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Gopal Gupta

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