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A Private Limited Company in the name of Sri Narayan Rajkumar Merchants Private Limited incorporated in the year 1968 became Public Limited Company in the year 1994 and a fresh certificate thereto in the name of Sri Narayan Rajkumar Merchants Limited was issued to the company on 17.11.1994 by the Registrar of Companies West Bengal, Calcutta.

The company went for a Public Issue on 06.02.1995 by launching 22,50,000 Equity Shares of Rs.10/- each at par which were fully subscribed and the total paid up capital of the company after the said Public Issue stood at Rs.3,00,00,000/- since shares worth Rs.75,00,000/- were held by the promoters.

The company in the initial years took up trading of steel  pipes  and  tubes and in the year 1998 got itself registered with the Reserve Bank of India under the regulations of Non-Banking Financial Companies since the company apart from carrying on the trading business also opted for making investment in securities of other public limited companies  The company is listed on Calcutta Stock Exchange with a paid up capital of Rs.4,97,89,000/- having 801 as its shareholders as on date.

The company is a cash rich company and has earned substantial profits during the last three years.
The recent growth in capital markets is expected to substantially enhance the value of the company’s investment activity and its  bottomline/projects.


At Sri Narayan Rajkumar Merchants Limited, all key functions and divisions are independently risponsible to monitor risk associated within their respective areas of operation such as financing and dealing in the sale/purchase of securities of other body corporates. Since the trading of securities is governed by the fluctuating trend of the market of securities listed on Stock Exchange not only of the country but also of abroad as well as the Government policies from time to time, profitability of the company is very much volatile.

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